The Beasts of Googu Land

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The Beasts of Googu Land is a wonderfully insightful and classic series of interrelated stories blended together for family entertainment, learning and critical thinking. The lessons learned in each related story are timeless and provide endless interpretation for children as well as adults.

The story begins with classic tales that are then rewritten and extended for a wonderful journey through a strange yet very familiar world. New stories are then added to guide readers through an enlightening experience with an ending guaranteed to inspire family discussion. The Beasts of Googu Land is a great addition to any family library.

The first chapter begins with the classic story of The Three Bears and their encounter with a village girl whose subsequent actions then lead to a series of dramatic events for all in Googu Land.

The next two chapters rewrite and expand classic tales to reveal how the consequences of actions reverberate throughout the home, village and ultimately the environment.

The following chapters then continue down a spiraling sequence of stories that threatens, yet finally enlightens all of Googu Land.

Each chapter of this book stimulates discussion topics for parents and children such as:

  • » the consequences of telling lies and the potential effects on all of society
  • » the negative effects of unwarranted fear
  • » deceptive illusions related to happiness and quality of life
  • » the concept of freedom and achieving more of one’s potential through knowledge and self-education
  • » the effects of self destructive social and economic systems on the environment
  • » various interpretations of the African American experience
The Beasts of Googu Land - Paperback
The Beasts of Googu Land - Paperback
The Beasts of Googu Land - Kindle
The Beasts of Googu Land - Kindle
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