ADUMU Story of Survival & Forgiveness

Animation Student Film by Adam Temple (Sheridan BAA)

A Young R.U.F. boy discovers the true meaning of ‘being a man’ through an encounter with a young Masai warrior…and a lion.

*uploaded with permission of copyright owner*

ADUMU (2009) 03:10 | Animation – With Message
Produced at Sheridan College (

CREDITS: Written, Animated and Directed by Adam Temple

BIO: I’m an animator, currently working in the Motorcity. which means I draw 24 pictures for every second of animation I produce, which means I don’t sleep, I have few friends other than animators, who don’t really have time for me, because they don’t sleep, and are generally on edge due to a lifestyle of drawing their own 24 pictures a second. It is lots of fun though.


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